Influencers: Interview with Lacey Jane

Interview with Lacey Jane for Elite Mindset
Lacey Jane

With an incredible half-million followers (and growing) on Instagram, Lacey Jane Flournoy is a rising star in the entertainment industry. In this exclusive interview, we find out how the Atlanta-based model and dancer has taken social media by storm.

You can find her on Instagram at: @thareallaceyj

Elite Mindset: To start things off, can you tell us little bit about yourself? How did you get started?

Lacey Jane: I’m 26 yrs old. I’m from Kentucky. I’ve been living in Atlanta, Georgia for six years now. I was introduced to the entertainment industry when I went to modeling and acting school in 2010. I started dancing in 2012.

After a few years, I pushed my way into fashion.

EM: When did you start your Instagram profile? What inspired you to start building a following on social media?

LJ: My first Instagram was started five years ago. But I’ve had two Instagram accounts suspended for violating terms. The Instagram I have now, with 500,000 followers, I’ve had since 2014.

I started posting on social media once I moved from my hometown so they could see what I was up too. And from there I started promoting myself and started a business which is Lacey Jane LLC.

EM: Do you have a personal favorite post on Instagram?

LJ: I don’t have a favorite. Most of my Instagram posts are from either traveling or doing business, and they all have a unique story.

EM: Okay, then. Who are your top influences or sources of inspiration on Instagram?

LJ: [The] Kardashians, because they all use social media for their unique businesses.

EM: How do you find brands to work with?

LJ: Most brands reach out to me to promote for them. I’ve promoted Flat Tummy Tea along with many other businesses. I mostly promote independent artists by doing a “twerk” video.

EM: If you were to give one piece of advice on how to build a following, what would it be?

LJ: Promote yourself as much as you can.

EM: What is a favorite tool or technique you use to grow your audience?

LJ: Share some of your personal life. The audience will feel closer to you and most likely support your business.

EM: Before we go, what is an interesting fact about you that your audience may not know?

LJ: I have a sister who looks just like me, but doesn’t have social media.

Share some of your personal life. The audience will feel closer to you and most likely support your business.

We’d like to thank Lacey Jane for this exclusive interview. You can follow her on Instagram at @thareallaceyj.

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