Introducing Elite Mindset

Introducing Elite Mindset
Samuel Scrimshaw | Unsplash

“What do the top influencers know that you don’t?”

Top influencers, across disparate fields and different platforms, share one trait: an elite mindset. We’re looking to uncover the fascinating common ground between famous celebrities, technology mavens, fashion bloggers and business moguls.

The fundamental principles of influence are reflected in the ability to attract a large and engaged following. Our goal is to bring this to light.

That’s why we’re assembling an invitation-only group of top influencers to share their stories. You’ll discover the exact methods they’ve applied to build massive audiences, straight from the influencers themselves. In the coming days and weeks, look out for an invitation from us as we reach out to top influencers from around the world.

We’re limiting our first set of interviews to an exclusive group of people we know and trust. If you’re interested in contributing as we expand to a wider audience, you can reach us at

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