The 32 Principles of Mindset

Principles of Mindset
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We ran a campaign of motivational quotes and inspirational images on our Instagram (@emindset) in the first weeks of May 2017. For posterity, here are the 32 definitive principles of mindset, along with one bonus principle, arranged in order. Enjoy!

  1. Mindset Is Everything
  2. You Cannot Make Progress Without Making Decisions
  3. Stop Doubting Yourself, Work Hard and Make It Happen
  4. You Will Never Go Broke From Investing in Yourself
  5. Fortune Favors the Bold
  6. What We Think, We Become
  7. The Future Starts Today, Not Tomorrow
  8. Life Is Tough. Be Tougher.
  9. Your Network Determines Your Net Worth
  10. Some People Dream of Success, While Others Make It Happen
  11. It’s Beautiful Outside. Looks Like It’s Raining Money.
  12. Never Stop Taking Risks. Just Keep Reaching.
  13. Sometimes You Have to Grind Alone
  14. Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain
  15. Action Is the Key to All Success
  16. Many Receive Advice. Only the Wise Profit From It.
  17. Make Excuses or Make Progress
  18. It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go, So Long as You Do Not Stop
  19. Success in Life Comes When You Refuse to Give Up
  20. You Should Try Living Without Limits
  21. If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door
  22. The Best Way to Predict the Future Is to Create It
  23. Success Is Always in Style
  24. Your Future Is Limitless
  25. Dream Big. Think Bigger.
  26. Hustle Until Your Haters Ask If You’re Hiring
  27. Focus on the Present. Conquer the Future.
  28. Those Who Keep Learning Will Keep Rising
  29. Raise Your Standards. Change Your Life.
  30. Make Your Life a Work of Art
  31. Success Is Determined by Your Mindset
  32. Once You Become Fearless, Life Becomes Limitless
  33. Mindset Is Everything *Bonus Principle*

If you commit to living by just one of these principles each day for 32 days, you will definitely change your mindset (and your life).

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